Olive Day Cream | with Mastic & Greek Olive Oil

Olive Day Cream | with Mastic & Greek Olive Oil


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MAS 25001
Mastic Spa

It is a nourishing and moisturising day cream. Olive day cream provides all the nutrients that are necessary for the skin. The composition rich in extracts and organic essential oils refreshes the skin and the antioxidant properties of olive oil and flavonoid complex keep the skin fresh and vigorous. Finally, the antibacterial action of mastic oil provides a permanent shield for the skin.

Mastic, Mastic Oil, olive oil, Phytrox, Apricot Oil, Vitamin E, Flavonoid Complex, Shea Butter, rice bran oil, Macadamia oil* , apricot kernel oil *.

NeedNourish & Moisturize

Quantity1.7 fl. Oz/50 ml

Skin Type: Normal - Dry


Age: 27+

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