Liposvelte Cream | Chocolate Cream against Cellulite & Topical Fat

Liposvelte Cream | Chocolate Cream against Cellulite & Topical Fat


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MAS 25083
Mastic Spa

Liposvelte is the scientifically proven solution to cellulite and topical fat. Seaweed extract reduces the look of cellulite and smoothes the skin. Mastic oil moisturizes while cocoa, rich in theobromine, firms and tones the skin. Iodotrat fights cellulite and topical fat. Liposvelte will show impressive results after the first application.

Mastic, Mastic oil, Cola extract, Seaweed extract, Calendula*, Wild Chestnut* & Ruscus Extract, Caffeine, Lanolin, Iodotrat, Cocoa.


*Biological Agriculture



Free of: Parabens, Mineral Oil, propylene glycol, ethanolamine, triethanolamine

Quantity: 5 fl. Oz/150 ml
Need: Slimming – Topical Fat
Skin Type: All
Age: All

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