• Aloe + Colors Body butter Just Natural

Body Butter Just Natural Aloe + Colors

If you also want velvety and glowing skin, try Body Butter Just Natural Aloe + Colors. It cares for your skin and gives it rich hydration and nourishment. With a wonderful aroma of freshness, it is excellent for daily care and the most demanding and sensitive skin. The moisturizing and nourishing ingredients with which it is enriched, restore the natural moisture and elasticity of the skin. At the same time, they protect against skin irritations.

Body Butter Just Natural has a high content of organic aloe. Aloe vera enhances the growth of new cells and increases the production of collagen, which moisturizes the skin at deeper levels and heals damaged skin. Avocado oil, olive oil and plum oil, all rich in vitamins and antioxidants, deeply moisturize and help maintain skin elasticity. Cocoa butter and shea butter soften and rejuvenate even the driest and dehydrated skin.

It is easily absorbed and gives a soft lasting scent, silky texture and softness to your skin without leaving traces of oiliness.

Instructions for use:

Apply a small amount of Body Butter Just Natural Aloe + Colors on clean skin. Gently massage until completely absorbed.

For a complete treatment and longer duration of the perfume on your skin, combine Body Butter Just Natural Aloe + Colors with the corresponding Aloe + Colors Just Natural shower gel!


Aloe + Colors Body butter Just Natural

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